About Katy

Clothes are Katy’s passion, her tastes are guided by the eternal truths of cut, colour and workmanship rather than seasonal fashion.

Spending time and working regularly with her I have found her inspirations to be as diverse as Caspar David Friedrich, Cornelia Parker, Grosz, Magritte, Caravaggio to Schiele, Goya to Peter Blake.

She is drawn to the details of fabric and stitching, but is equally expert in judging the impression that your clothes will make when you appear in front of 1000 people. She designs for an individual at every level, from the gym to the red carpet, and for every eventuality.

She has transformed many of my most beloved clothes, making them quirky and personal…a lining , a button, an embroidered design, the detail that pulls something out of the ordinary without over-stating.

Katy always collaborates with a client and not will not rest til she has found the things that make you feel confident and beautiful – the RIGHT white t-shirt, the right cut of a jacket – and she organises clothes so that opening my wardrobe is a moment of calm and not dread.

Thirty years of experience and research have given Katy a vast resource of designers, makers and suppliers she draws on to find a specific item or create a look from scratch.

Whether you love clothes or are indifferent, we all have to be clothed. Katy knows how to make necessity work for you to maximum effect having worked in TV , Film and Theatre with just about every body shape in every period of history. She can mix vintage and Primark, Haute Couture and a favourite pair of shoes to create a style that suits both the wearer and the occasion.

Olivia Williams.